Makala, Lorenzo, Lazy or Sheridan Ukuleles - Fun and full of personality: order your ukulele now!

In recent years, the popularity of the ukulele has grown and grown, and can now be found on recordings by many contemporary artists. The uke has a history that dates back to the 19th century, and was created from an amalgam of other stringed instruments.

You can spot a ukulele on many songs of the jazz age, and on through the 50's, 60's and 70's. It has a remarkable sound that inspires all kinds of feelings and has a very unique character. Brilliant for producing a rustic tone to sweet ballads, a jaunty melody to upbeat numbers, or even a humourous voice to a song.

The ukulele has a great versatility, and we have a wide range of ukes at Peterborough Music. Our selection includes a variety of ukuleles from brands such as Ovation, Lazy, Makala, Lorenzo and Westfield. These brands bring an excellent selection of instruments for you, or the ideal gift for your musical friends and family.

The great thing about our range of ukes is the sheer variety in style and colour that is available. The Lazy and Makala ranges of ukeleles come in a selection of fun colours to everyone's taste. They're also designed as great value for money instruments in their own right.

Ovation has been producing incredible stringed instruments since the mid 60's. Ovation is known for it's smart, round backed designed semi-acoustic guitars, which offer a particularly rich and unique tone. They have employed this signature development into their ukuleles too, making the most of the uke's bright and characterful sound.

We have a great choice of ukuleles and other incredible musical instruments at Peterborough Music, in stock and ready to order!

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